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1st Battalion Irish Guards Mascots.

Brian Boru 1900-1910
The Colours of the Household Division.

The Regimental Mascot is an Irish Wolfhound who is looked after by a Drummer (Guardsmen of the Corp of Drums are given the rank of Drummer) and leads the Regiment on all parades. The Mascots are all named after High Kings and Legendary Chieftains of Ireland. The latest Regimental Mascot has been named Aengus after the Irish Warrior King Aengus MacNadfraech. Aengus was baptised by St Patrick as the first Christian King of Munster. During the ceremony St Patrick, without realising it, allowed the pointed end of his crozier to pierce Aengus's foot. Aengus thought that this was part of the Ceremony and endured the pain without uttering a word. Below are the names of the mascots of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

The Colours of the Household Division.

Brian Boru 1900-1910
Leitrim Boy 1910-1917
Doran 1917-1924
Cruchan 1924-1929

Pat 1951-1954
Shaun 1960-1967
Fionn 1967-1976
Cormac of Tara 1976-1985

Connor 1985-1992
Malachy 1992-1994
Cuchulain 1994-2000
Aengus 2000

The Colours of the Household Division.
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